Security solutions

When you talk about security solutions, you often think of only one thing. For example: CCTV or an alarm system. At Candra Hospitality, we believe that when you combine all the different security products, you can develop one comprehensive system that is easy to manage.

This allows you to watch over your guests, their belongings, and the safety of your staff. The security installation of your hotel should not not be experienced as a burden. The best solution depends entirely on your wishes. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


Alarm system
The definition of alarm “warning at unexpected risk” That means that a good alarm system warns of any possible dangerous situation. The most familiar situations are: fire and burglary. In every hospitality environment it is of great importance to have an excellent alarm system in case of fire or other calamities. Apart from the danger of fire and burglary. Depending on your situation, several other options are important, for example an alarm in case of flooding.


CCTV in your hotel has a preventive effect. This drastically reduces the chance of intruders and robberies. With the correct use of CCTV you increase the sense of security among your guests and staff, and their safety is guaranteed.


You do everything to make your guests feel safe. To achieve this, you have equipped your hotel with fire detectors, an alarm system and CCTV. In addition, you want to provide your guests with a hotel safe in their room / suite where they can store their valuables.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting: safe and mandatory
Emergency lighting (evacuation lighting) is meant to guarantee the safety of your guests. With emergency lighting, you ensure that all your guests can leave the hotel in a safe way.
The installation also has an important function in preventing panic. The emergency lighting always remains on, even during power failures and short circuits. Because the emergency lighting always stays on, panic is prevented.



You want to offer your guests a safe parking space. By securing it and possibly even assigning fixed parking spaces. You want this for a number of simple reasons.

  • You want to offer your guests the possibility to park their car safely.
  • You want to prevent random people from abusing your car park.

There are various solutions for this. For example, a barrier but also a sliding gate is  a possibility. All options can be operated with the “hotel key card”

Hotel lock system

Hotel lock system
To offer your guests and your staff more convenience, there are various lock solutions for all doors in your hotel. With a good lock system, there are several ways to open the doors. For example with a pass, tag or even with a smartphone.

Your benefits

Candra Hospitality is a supplier that focuses entirely on the Hospitality & Leisure market. In addition to security solutions, our company offers a wide range of products and services to provide your hotel with a complete solution that meets all your needs.


Do you wish to contact one of our consultants. Or a free quote? What ever you need. Candra Hospitality always offers a suitable solution for every situation.