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About our company


Candra Hospitality was founded by its current owner in 2015, Our company focuses on Hospitality &  Leisure. We are happy to provide hotels, restaurants and other venues with an appropriate tailor-made solution.

After being established for some time in Leiden, we decided to establish our head office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In order to further optimize the accessibility and find-ability for our customers.

Work area
Candra Hospitality is active in Western Europe.

What we believe in

Hospitality is vital in every hotel and restaurant. Every hotelier wants to offer his guests an unforgettable experience. Nowadays technology plays an increasingly important role in the daily life of your guests. As a hotelier you want to respond to this. Some examples are: Hospitality phones, Interactive television &  WI-FI. We offer various solutions to ensure that your guests have an unforgettable time in your hotel.

We achieve this by being your central point of contact for all your (technical) needs. We think its a challenge to find a solution that fully meets the needs of your guests. Personal attention, high quality service and product quality are essential. Our employees work proactively, solution-oriented and have a service-oriented attitude. This way we can realize a solution that fully meets your needs.

Core values


Personal contact with you and your company is important to us. Only then we get all the information about your current situation. With this information we can make a list containing all  your wishes, and we can find the right solution that fits your needs. Our employees are always available for questions and information requests.


We set the highest demands for our products and services and we only provide you with quality products. In combination with high-quality and fast service we guarantee high availability and reliability of our products.

Knowledge en insight

The employees working for Candra Hospitality are highly educated and regularly attend courses and training sessions, so that their knowledge is always up-to-date. Our employees also have extensive experience with regard to: Audio, Video, Hospitality phones, VOIP and WI-FI This allows us to offer solutions that fully meet your requirements.


Our employees provide you with tailored, crystal-clear information and agreements. We combine this with a service-providing approach. This guarantees a professional approach for all our projects.